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What is Prescott-Russell ARTour?

Prescott-Russell ARTour is an event dedicated to the promotion of Prescott and Russell artists and their work, while contributing to the region’s economic development. 

Event Dates: September 30 and October 1, 2017

Number of participating artists: maximum 25

Organizing committee

ARTour Prescott-Russell is an incorporated non-profit organization. Members of the Board of Administration are all artists from Prescott-Russell who volunteer their time:  Hélène Charbonneau, Michel Côté, France Couillard-Patenaude, Marie-Eve Séguin, Francine Jolicoeur-Séguin,  and Manon Sauvé.

ARTour and the artists

The tenth edition of Prescott-Russell ARTour was exciting and it is with enthusiasm that the committee members and participating artists are preparing for the next season. The eleventh edition of ARTour will take place on the weekend of September 30th – October 1st, 2017.

ARTour is an event that gives great exposure to artists from this region. The open-door formula gives visitors the opportunity to meet the artists in their own creative environment, to explore different forms of art and to immerse themselves in the artist’s world. 

Artists of all mediums of expression are welcome (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, art photography, etc.). ARTour has expanded its range of talents to include artisans of the region (textile arts, quilting, weaving, original clothing, woodworking, jewelry designers, etc.) to participate. The works must be original creations. Candidates must reside, or have resided, in the Prescott-Russell area. A maximum of 25 artists will be accepted.

The participation fee in ARTour Prescott-Russell 2017 is $250 per artist. These fees go towards the website and promotional materials (brochures and brochure distribution, newspaper, radio advertisements, etc.). Artists keep 100% of any sales they make. They can also reduce the costs of participation by finding a sponsor to pay all or part of the participation fee. Names of sponsors will be included on all ARTour publicity; website and brochures.

Passport to Art – Young Artists Scholarship Fund

ARTour encourages talented young artists from Prescott-Russell. For more information click here

Participating in ARTour

Artists can register online by going to the registration page.

For questions or more information, contact the ARTour committee by email at artourpr@gmail.com